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This is to all my friends who will not be accompying me to Seattle i love you all and i am taking this LJ space to tell you how much i love all of you individually........

Whitney Whitney: I LOVE YOU SOOOOOO MUCH, and i will miss you sooooo much. It is sad that i am leaving now and you are leaving later cause its like we should use this time before your big move to spend lotsa time together. unfortunantly now we have to travel even farther to hang and that is somewhat of an inconvienience (?). I will definently miss your slurpees and vodka and drinking off them at random times when you are not paying attention, and sometimes are paying attention, either way i shall miss that. I LOVE YOU and I am excited for you to visit, COME SOON! ! !

Rachel: NOW YOU ARE FINALLY HOME........and now we are leaving, bitches and ho's! ! ! Remember the one time we watched Patrick Swayze's sweet ass in slow motion. YEAH I know i do! ! ! I LOOOOOOOOVE YOU and will miss you oh so much. I think that i am actually going to kidnap you and make you stay in seattle with us cause that would be awesome and one big PART A (hahaha what comes before PART B? PARTAY! ! ! ! ) Yeah i love you COME TO SEATTLE AND VISIT.....BITCH. oh i am sorry i do not mean to use that tone with you. LOVE YA

Kristin: HAHAHA Freshmen year volleyball was BOMB! ! !  Remember the days of sophomore year when, jen and i had to take care of your drunk ass all the time?!?! yeah me too! ! !  its cool i would still do it now if you were still an alcoholic, but you are not and thats GREAT! ! !! You are definently a good organizer so organize a trip to seattle to visit. HEY one thing we will never get to experience again.......CISPUS AND THAT SUCKS CAUSE I LOVE THAT PLACE! ! !  alright well i love you, keep it real and fresh. I LOOOOOVE YOU.

Kris Perry: Why do we call you that?!?!?! i say WHY NOT?!?!? its awesome! ! !  I personally like the new one K.PERRY!  !!  I am going to be sad that we will not be able to have Dashboard Confessional anymore, i think that was my favorite thing EVER.......I will miss you being the only boy in the XljcX, (X's dont mean straight edge either right?!?!?) HEY thanks for being 21. Now IF you ever do come visit you can bring us "gifts" and by gifts i mean alcohol cause you like minors......i mean to buy for minors! ! ! I LOOOOOOVE YOU, SLUT! ! !

Leigh: SLUUUUUUUUUUT, I dont even know how much i am going to miss you because i know that you will be up all the time visiting us, remember you are SLUT OF THE MONTH! !  It should really be SLUT OF THE YEAR THOUGH! ! ! you know how we do. You are the First guest of the slut convention and you should be proud of that title! ! !  hahaha remember SOFTBALL, where we were lik 10 hahaha that was fun! ! ! ! we were badass I LOVE YOU, come up all the time like i know you will.

Jared: I seriosuly LOVE YOU sooooooo much like i dont think that you realize. I havnt seen you in like 3 weeks and thats fucked up and it pisses me off. I know that you are like not allowed to talk to girls or anything so whateva i know exactly whats up. BUT 3rd period wouldnt have been nearly as cool without you........having you as my 3rd period myspace buddy was awesome and funny. My favorite comments were the ones that i got when you were sitting right next to me! ! !  and they were always soooo good, you do leave the best comments! ! !  soooooo i will miss you soooooo much i am already feeling that now becuase of the fact i never see you, it shouldnt be like that. but whateva come visit anytime cause you know that you are welcome whenever! ! ! ! LOVE YA LOTS! ! !

Blake: YOU MY BOY BLAKE AND I LOVE YOU! ! ! !  You make me feel real pretty and i know you will come visit whenever you get the chance cause you know that you are always more then welcome too. Remember the first time we went to seattle for jennifer's birthday.........GOOD TIMES HAHAHAHA YEAH RIGHT. It was awesome though that you came and it is nothing but memories. I LOVE YOU and i shall be down to see you all the time as well. Keep it real for us down here, LOVE YOU! ! !

Kurtis: You are awesome and i already miss you cause i never get to see you and thats not right. I think that we should definently hang out. WE TALKED LAST NIGHT and it was nice. I am glad that we decided to hang out.....even though i am leaving tomorrow i shall return to hang. You know that you and heather are always more then welcome to come up anytime. It would be a blast hey we could all even hit up a punk RAWK show and punk RAWK dance. Good luck to you and heather I hope that everything works out and you guys have a great time living in MONMOUTH HAHAHAHAH. sorry thats not funny. hahaha yeah but i love you and you are one of my best friends. WAY TO BE AWESOME, LOVE YA LOTS.

Roze Art: You guys get one together, I am sooooooo glad that everything is going so well cause i really love both of you. Congrats on your new apartment it sounds fantastic! ! !  I really really want you guys to come and visit in seattle real soon so then we can compare apartments and see who's is more awesome. hahahaha and you know i want to hang out and stuff. Dont worry we will watch the love lounge with more then just febreeze, but you know it is called the love lounge for a purpose and you cant expect any less.Oh man i am gonna miss singing REGGIE with you guys thats always awesome! ! !  Anyways good luck and I LOVE YOU BOTH SOOOOOO MUCH,  Keep it real in Albany fo sho, LOVE YA! ! !

Then there is always the kids i will miss just seeing around cause they are awesome i shall name them so they do not feel left out: Olivia (yay for seattle on that one), Spencer, Chad, Ana, Gary, Jaron, Dean, Kody, Robbie, Morgan, Melissa, Katie, Dane, Ron, all the portland shows kids who i always see around and thats really all.

alright well i think that is a mojority of the people if i missed you let me know i will write you a huge little letter thing telling you how great you are and how much i will miss you. maybe even a little memory that we shared. I LOVE YOU ALL AND WILL MISS YOU ALL (man i have said that a lot) KEEP IT REAL IN THE X360X AND X503X FO ME! ! ! !



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