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I really dislike the people that attend the mall on a regular basis. I realize that I used to be one of those people, but going there today made me irritated. What a bunch of ass's they should get kicked in the face. I am glad that i am moving where people will not annoy me as least i hope.

Last night Jennifer and Rosa stayed the night we rented CSI the second season and Elephant, let me just say that i was real dissapointed in that movie. I think that it had a real awesome meaning behind it, but there were too many run on random parts. It was funny when we saw Willy in the background though. Did he die in the movie too?!?!?

Tonight i have no idea what i am going to do Rosa doesnt get off work till 7 and then i dont know what is up after that. its a saturday night i feel like i should do soemthing last night was my "movie night" i wanna go out! !! WHO IS UP FOR THE QUEST?!?!?! hahahaha that would be amazing!

Rosa and I also saw dodgeball last night and i liked it, not as funny as i thought it would be, but definently a good flick. alright i am out for now. PEOPLE CALL ME IF YOU wanna HANG OUT! ! !

p.s. i got new shoes for $7 they are awesome and EVERYONE has them! ! !
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