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Last night Rosa and I were in seattle. We heard that Finch was playing Katie-seattle told us were and so we went to hang out. We prolly would have went in if it hadnt been 21 and over whateva dude, everyone knows that there are prolly only like 5 finch fans over 21. Even though that kinda sucked we sat by the back door and listened there. Then we made some awesomely cool friends, then we went to Dick's with Randy and Alex and vaux. that was silly, Jana met us there OH HOW I LOVE THAT GIRL. By the way I HATE HER CAR, well i mean i hate her car for being so mean to her. Then we went bowling that was fun i lost REAL bad. Then Vaux and Randy came to the bowling alley that was silly as well.

hmmmm and that was my saturday I hope mah girls and boy had fun camping! ! ! LOVE YA, jay
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