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smooshed in the front and all flippy in the back

hmmmmm.......last night i think was very amazing! ! ! It started out being REAL hott and then stayed REAL hott for a long time then luckily it cooled down outside. The venue was still hott, but not as bad as it had been previously. We really only watched Gatsby's, but they were amazing even though they did play a real short set they made it worth it.

Of course we had them sign a slut convention poster. While we were asking nic to sign it he looked at me and said "sorry i couldnt go to prom with you" It was really weird. He says such a thing becuase on myspace i left gatsby's a comment that was asking them to go to prom with me. I didnt know that he would have realized it was me and then have said something aboot it. It was crazy, but funny very unexpected.

After the show we went to Blake's it was "bumpin" so i myspaced it up in blakes room.....HAHAHAH. After that Rosa, Kristin, Ron, Jennifer and I all went to Denny's. That was a good time, cause now i have a new boyfriend I dont know who he is, but he is mine. HE WAS REALLY DRUNK! ! !  hahaha YES! ! !

Well thats all, EXCEPT we did capture many moments it shall be awesome to look at all the pictures. alright though i am out.

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