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Im bored entertain me.......

So.... gradutaion is what?!?! 7 days away, yeah thats fucking insane and i cannot wait. I should really go and get the other adresses so that i can send out the rest of my announcments. That is kinda important.

The night of gradution jennifer and i need something to do cause we are not going to the graduation party. It is a monday night, but someone should come and party with us somewhere it will be a blast and there is no school the next day yay! ! ! These are all the people coming to our graduation:

+kris perry
+jared (he is doing something for VP though)

and then of course the graduates:


it should be a great time and i am sooo glad that everyone is going to be there to share it with us. Remeber kids my graduation party is saturday the 12th at 2. I fyou have any questions call me at 607-3788. or if you would just like to go then call me. ahh yes and if you need directions cause you prolly will. alright well i am out, jay
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