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yeah there was fireworks........

The 4th of July for the most part was waaaaay effing awesome. I was soooooo happy that all my BEST FRIENDS were together all at one time like the "old days"! it was great and makes me sad to think that they will not be there for me once i move cause they will be 3 hours away. Oh well they are all in my heart 3 hours away! ! !

After Jennifer's we ended up going to the Fort, on the way there we saw XmikeX and Taryn and Heather....but no Kurtis......i called him though and we had a nice conversation that made me happy.

The Fort was pretty lame and there were waaaaay to many people there the fireworks were alright, same every year though. Its always nice to have that tradition though! !

Alright well kids i am going to seattle tomorrow and hopefully we are moving into the apartment soon so that you can all come and visit. We have to wait for the manager to call us back, i hope it is this week though! ! ! It should be, but ok I LOVE YOU, jay
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