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They dont love you like i love you

Today=graduation and good quality time with friends that i am going to miss soooooo much.

First jaron and i went to cold stone and then fred meyers that was a good time i bought a movie (little monsters) and the yeah yeah yeah's cd.

After that I went back to school and hung out there for a little bit and had people sign my yearbook and what not. I love everyone and will miss them very much. well not EVERYONE! ! ! Then i took jared and billy with me to go get candy land to go to whitney K's going away "surprise" party. that was a good time i will miss that girl with all my heart. After that jared and candy land went with me back to my house so that i could get ready and then i took jared to school and then me and candy land went to muchas.

Then i was off to graduation, it was a good time not as emotional as i anticipated. It was nice though i am glad that it all ended that way. Now I am starting to feel a little irritated though and my feelings have been hurt numerous times tonight. I mean it was pretty much jennifer, kristin, jenna and I's why do people have to fuck it up. For some it is the last time that i would see them for a long time so why would they not even say anything to us......ass that hurts.

now i am a little sad thinking aboot everything that went on and i am getting kind of emotional liek why do people act like that? I really do not understand what anybody did. whateva i am not going to worry aboot it just know that I would never do anything like that.

i dont think that this makes sense at all, but its ok i understand and thats all that matters.
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