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Gold chains and cadillacs......awwww hell yeah

Yeah so today was kinda sad. I have the few people that i am going to miss the most, but i am going to miss them SOOOOO MUCH. It sucks i mean even if i wasnt moving i would still miss them with all my heart caus ei know i would never see them over the summer. Man i love them all! ! !  I will always be back down for shows and shit, but it is sad to think that i couldnt just call one of them up and be like "hey you wanna hang out". yeah i think this whole entry is one big emotional mess.

On a happier note i am pumped (what!?!?!?) to graduate. tomorrow we get our cap and gowns and then there are numerous graduation parties to go to this weekend. including my very own. but yeha i think that i am going to go eat or something i love you all. CAUTION: THE CUT BELOW IS INTENSE YOU WILL KNOW IF IT APPLIES TO YOU. know what i really hate? when people think they know who i am and think they know how i should act. I hate when people tell me that i am too something it pisses me off. Thats just who i am, and i dont give a fuck what people think. Whateva if you dont like the way that i am then fucking leave me alone. I HATE IT MORE THEN ANYTHING. Sometimes people should just keep there fucking mouths shut.....BITCHES. I dont think that most people know how important my friends are to me, and that pisses me off as well. You fuck with them and your fucking dead. so pretty much dont question the things that i do or try to tell me who i am or who i should try and be.  Yeah thats my complaining deal with it. this doesnt even apply to over half the people who read this actually no one at all. I LOVE ALL YOU! ! !


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