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dont have much time for sympathy

so today i did nothing but work, i printed out so many pictures. They weren't even that great either i am disspointed with the negatives. well they would have been alright, but i jus was lazy and didnt want to clean them. Whateva dude, i need to put my book together now. I dont know what the text is goona be in it, but it shall be something spectacular.

So last night I found out that the thing coming out of my hand is an infection I think that i am going to have my dad take me to the doctor to get it taken care of, if they can even do anything for it. I know that it is filled with a whole bunch of goo though and thats sick.

Tomorrow is the last day of classes (i cant say school cause we still have to go on friday) but yeah pretty much. I am going to be a little sad. I am going to miss my little underclassmen friends. yeah yeah, but everything will be ok cause then i move to seattle and party it up everyday until then. (party it up= staying at home and sleeping ALL DAY)
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